Fertilization can be a little overwhelming for people who are new to taking care of their lawn and landscape. They can either forget to apply it all together, thinking nature will just take its course, or they use the wrong type of fertilizer, which might end up doing more harm than good. Here are some of the basics of fertilizing your lawn, and why it’s important to continue the process!

  • Why You Should Fertilize In The First Place: Watering on its own is a great source of hydration for your lawn. Unfortunately, it can also cause your lawn to become nutrient deficient when the water flows out. If your lawn doesn’t have the right, protective nutrients, it can become susceptible to diseases. Also, at times, soil doesn’t have the best amount of nutrients to keep your lawn healthy. This is where fertilizer comes in.
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  • What Kind of Fertilizer Does JC Landscapes LLC Use?: We take pride in making sure your lawn stays healthy and looking it’s best no matter what time of year. Instead of flooding the soil with fertilizer we’ve discovered that a light foliar application is the best for the lawns we look after. This fertilizer will absorb through the leaf blade itself getting the nutrients into the grass instead of just staying in the soil.
  • When Is the Best Time To Fertilize?: Ideally, your lawn should have light fertilization in the spring and early summer. During the fall a heavy application should be applied so your lawn can absorb as many nutrients as possible to stay protected during the cold winter months. This obviously depends on the state of your lawn. If you’re not sure of the state of your lawn, contact JC Landscapes today!
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