When someone looks at their lawn they just assume the rain and sun will do its job of getting everything to grow. In most cases that’s true, but even your lawn needs some love and attention. Aeration is the perfect way to make sure your lawn gets the right amount of rain, nutrients, and airflow to thrive. Here are some questions you may be asking about aerating your lawn and exactly why it’s important.

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  • What in the world is it exactly? Small holes are forced into the ground, which allows the deep roots to get a direct source of water, nutrients, and most importantly airflow. This is great when the soil is extremely compacted. When the soil is too compacted, not only do the roots have trouble expanding, but they are starved of necessary airflow.
  • That’s awesome, but does every lawn need it? Not every lawn needs aeration but it’ll definitely be beneficial for the longevity of a grass-life. The types of lawns that should get aeration done are:
    • Ones that get a lot of foot traffic. If your yard is constantly being used by kids playing, pets having a ball, parties, and more, the lawn in being packed down, and might be losing the airflow.
    • Lawns that dry-out easily. The soil might be so compacted that water and nutrients can’t get down to the roots.
    • After a sod installation. Because new soil is being introduced to old soil, the perforation will allow not only the soil mixing, but it’ll help promote airflow, nutrition, and water flow.
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Dead Grass
  • I have one of these issues, how often should I perform lawn aeration? This should happen in the early spring or early fall. The cool weather is ideal to help promote new growth. There are some types of grass that prefer warmer seasons, so in that case aeration should be done in late spring.

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